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(STN Podcast E100) Our 100th Episode! Texas District Conquers Driver Shortage

School Transportation Nation podcast – Episode 100

Thanks for being with us for 100 episodes of our podcast! Join us for some stats on our journey since March 2020, as well as analysis on conversations still happening two years later, such as onboard masking and the driver shortage.

Starting school bus driver pay going from $17.50/hour to $25/hour? Better believe it. Josh Rice, president for the Texas Association of Pupil Transportation, discusses taking over transportation and fleet services at Barbers Hill Independent School District in Texas, including proper technology implementation, unique solutions for hiring and retaining drivers, and fleet makeup and upkeep.

Additionally, General Manager Fin Livingston shares how Scraper Systems by Rite-Hite makes it easier for drivers to remove snow from bus roofs.

Read more at stnonline.com/tag/operations.

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Clean Bus Tip from Nuvve.

Conversation with Scraper Systems by Rite-Hite.

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