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(STN Podcast E187) Onsite at the TSD Conference, Part 1/2: Technology, Cameras & Special Needs

School Transportation Nation podcast – Episode 187

Tony and Ryan caught up with several friends at the TSD Conference, who shared about the latest and greatest in transporting students with special needs.

John Daniels, vice president of marketing for Transfinder, shares how the company’s “One Partner, One Solution” school bus technology suite helps school districts better serve student riders. (Timestamp 1:19)

Joe Allen, senior sales executive in the school bus division for Safe Fleet, is joined by Anthony Shields, director of transportation for San Marcos Consolidated Independent School District in Texas, who shares how the company’s camera technology improves safety. (Timestamp: 8:46)

Consultant, industry veteran and TSD Tenured Faculty member Alexandra Robinson weighs in on what transporters of students with special needs are currently facing and what they should consider for the future. (Timestamp: 18:05)

Read more about the TSD Conference.

Conversation with Transfinder.



Conversation with Safe Fleet. 



Message from Highland Electric Fleets.


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