Learning from Israel's Experiences with Bus Terrorism

Editor’s note: Protective intelligence is defined as the training of people in how to spot behaviors and communications that indicate a potential target is being surveilled prior to an attack. School buses are considered “soft targets” because they are mobile, difficult to protect and highly vulnerable to a variety of attack methods.

NYSBCA Calls for School Bus Safety Knowledge Requirement with NY State Driver License Applicants


LATHAM, New York –  The New York School Bus Contractors Association is calling for the passage of legislation mandating the addition of a school bus safety component to the pre-licensing driver education course and written test for all applicants seeking to obtain a New York state driver license.  The legislation (SB 5974), sponsored by NYS Senator Elaine Phillips of Nassau County, recently passed in the State Senate and is part of an ongoing effort to educate drivers about the dangers of illegally passing a stopped school bus.