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New Lion Electric Type D School Bus Heads to California Customers

The first LionD all-electric, transit-style school buses rolled off the new Joliet, Illinois, assembly line and are destined for California, where there is a high demand for the Type D.

The Lion Electric Company released the news Thursday. LionD is the second Type D school bus to offer a 102-inch-wide vehicle, the largest available in the industry. It is powered by three available options of batteries — 126kWh, 168 kwH and 210 kwh — with corresponding full-charge range of up to 100, 125 or 155 miles, respectively, at 65 percent of GVWR, which Lion lists as up to 37,000 pounds.

The 83-passenger bus also features a Sumo MD motor and Dana TM4 electric drivetrain.

The LionD is fully charged between 6.5 and 11 hours with a Level 2 plug at 19.2 kW. Customers can also fully charge the LionD with a 24kW Level 3 plug in 5 to 9 hours or with a 50kW plug in 2.5 to 4.25 hours. The maximum power output is 250 kW at 335 hp.

Air brakes are standard with a front spring suspension and rear air ride.

In a press release, Lion also noted the Type D features rust-free composite body panels, staircase and low-voltage battery compartment. Lion also said a modular lower skirt and one-piece seamless fiberglass roof that eliminates thousands of rivets and potential leak points, which can minimize service expenses and maximize vehicle uptime.

Earlier this month, Lion won a $38 million EPA Clean School Bus Program competitive grant for 97 electric school buses and necessary charging infrastructure.

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