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School Bus Safety Week Commences

The 2021 National School Bus Safety Week kicked off Monday. Held the third week of October each year, the event encourages communities to join together and focus on school bus transportation, and school bus safety. This year’s theme is “Be Safe – Know the Danger Zone.”

“National School Bus Safety Week is a great time for school districts to focus their efforts on safe school transportation by reminding everyone of the safety message highlighted in each year’s specific campaign,” said Patrick McManamon, president of the National Association of State Directors of Pupil Transportation Services (NASDPTS). “This year the theme is, ‘Be Safe, Know the Danger Zone’, which is an especially important safety message as children board and exit the school bus each and every day.”

According to data collected by School Transportation News from various news outlets, three incidents have occurred in the danger Zone this school year. One student was severely injured by a vehicle illegally passing a stopped school bus in Louisiana and another student was killed in Florida due to illegal passing. One student was injured after being hit by her school bus in North Carolina.

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“Being aware of the danger zone is a very important safety message,” added NASDPTS Executive Director Ronna Weber on Monday. “The danger zone is the area immediately around the school bus and it’s important for students to remember three things when they are around the school bus. First, it is very important for students to arrive to their school bus stop early, so they are not rushed. Second, they need to stay three, giant steps back from the curb until the bus stops and opens the doors. And third, they need to pay attention to the driver when they are boarding and exiting the bus. The safety of all children depends on students actively using these guidelines each and every day.”

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