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ALC Special Needs Solutions: Customer Thank You

ALC Schools provides school districts with alternative student transportation to alleviate various challenges. With over 450 district partners in 24 states, what better way to say “thank you” than to publish it for the industry to see?

So, to all of our district partners throughout the country,

We also want you to know that we hear you. Your survey responses, questions, comments, and general feedback have been heard and we are excited to share the things we’ve been working on throughout this last year.


Our online ALC Hub gives our district partners access to everything they need on a daily basis and consists of four main modules (with more to come!):

  • District Trip Tracker: Your student transportation management team can see everything in one place, including live, completed, and upcoming/scheduled trips.
  • Transportation Request Form: Create a transportation request for a new student or update the current program for an existing student.
  • Student Onboarding Report: Keep track of the status for each student as ALC sets up routes, arranges drivers, and confirms all the details with parents.
  • User Management: Manage accounts, roles, and access to features for your own ALC District Portal users.


An app for parents/guardians has long been a controversial issue. A growing number of districts, including our partners, are asking for it and we wanted you to know we have one available to you if you choose to use it.

Use of ALC VIP is completely optional. If you choose to use it, it’s customizable to your district and you are in control of who has access and what information they’re allowed to see. You can give access to some parents/guardians, and restrict access to others (custody arrangements, IEP instructions, etc.). As with ALC Hub, there is no additional cost, just additional options for our district partners.

In-Vehicle Cameras

Many of our district partners have been requesting in-vehicle cameras, and we’ve seen the requirements and/or requests in many of your RFPs this year. We are now offering in-vehicle cameras.

Again, this additional value is available to our district partners if they choose to use it. We understand that in-vehicle cameras can be controversial as well, so it is not a requirement of our offering.

Again, Thank You

We cannot thank you enough for all you do to keep our students safe. Some of you already know that many of us have special needs children of our own, and, from the bottom of our hearts, we share our gratitude for all you’ve been through and continue to do for all of our kiddos.

Enjoy your summer!

Our mission is to give students with special transportation needs an equal opportunity to learn, grow, and succeed. Contact ALC Schools to learn more.

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