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COVID-19 is Changing Our World & How We Operate – Are You Ready?

School districts are faced with having to make a significant number of changes this coming school year: changes to how they transport students, schedule classes, and more. Does your district have the tools and systems you need to manage these changes efficiently?

  • Are you able to re-route your entire fleet and double the use of your fleet while operating your buses at half capacity?
  • Will you be able to keep track of which students are assigned to one shift versus another?
  • Will you be able to ensure your students adhere to social distancing requirements?
  • Are you able to protect students from illegal passers, as student/traffic interaction stands to increase from potential scheduling changes?
  • How will you ensure your school buses have been disinfected?
  • Can you facilitate remote learning even for underserved students?

We can help you address all of these issues.

Getting Students to School Efficiently
Routing and Student Management

Rotating and alternating shifts, buses filled to half capacity, duplicate routes and buses and student half-days may all be a part of our new school bus reality.

Do you have the routing systems to accommodate such wide-spread change?

Route operations software Seon Path is easy to implement, easy to use and easy to get results from. Create, capture and publish school bus routes, stop times and stop assignments. Know exactly which students are on each route and each bus. Need to make an immediate change to a route? No problem, you can make changes easily and quickly—on the fly.

Ensure Social Distancing Requirements
Video Surveillance Systems

The go-to system for ensuring best pupil transport practices are adhered to is also instrumental in enforcing social distancing requirements.

Do you have the on-board coverage you need? Can you see every corner of your bus? Could additional or wide-angle cameras help you catch what you are missing? Ensure you see everything on-board your buses, including social distancing practices in action.

Enhanced Student Safety Outside the Bus
The Predictive Stop Arm™

Rotating and alternating shifts, duplicate routes and buses, and student half-days may all be part of our new school reality, and all pose increased risk from amplified confusion and the ever-growing uptick of stop arm violations.

The Predictive Stop Arm is an innovative, patents-pending solution that uses radar technology and predictive analytics to monitor oncoming vehicle traffic for probable stop arm violations. The technology helps to further increase safety in the Danger Zone by aiming to notify the school bus driver and the students that it may not be safe to cross the street—before an accident occurs.

DVIR Inspections (including COVID-19 responses)
Safe Fleet Vehicle Inspection™

Quickly and easily customize your DVIR inspections to include COVID-19 cleaning processes) or any other inspection)—in minutes.

Safe Fleet Vehicle Inspection provides a school district with a customizable, intuitive, verifiable and pain-free method (which doesn’t require specialized RFID hardware) for creating and adhering to disinfection processes, operator and/or student health checks (taking temperatures) and even checking for/handing out masks.

Learn more about the 2020 Safe Fleet Virtual Trade Show, featuring Safe Fleet’s Industry-Leading Surveillance Systems and “New” Safety Technology.

Learn more about Safe Fleet’s Industry-Leading Surveillance Systems.

Learn more about Safe Fleet’s “New” Safety Technology.

Increased Communications through Uncertain Times
School Bus Hub/Parent Notifications

How will you communicate route changes to parents and students? Will parents and students always know what route or bus students will be picked up/dropped off from? What if changes are made to routes in real-time—will your parents and students be kept abreast of updated information?

School Bus Hub is a secure, online portal that conveys real-time bus stop, bus departure and arrival information. Parents can choose to receive notifications via email or text.

Know where Your Students are at All Times
Student Ridership Tracking

Completely new routes, new schedules and new processes can lead to a lot of confusion. Will you know where your students are at all times? Will you also know if a bus is operating over capacity (for social distancing requirements)? In real-time for real-time corrections?

Instantly identify whether a student is on the bus, if they missed their bus or got off at the wrong stop with Student Ridership Tracking.

Enable Remote Learning
The Wi-Fi Connected Bus

Do you have the ability to provide remote education options if the need arises? Do you need to support rural or underserved students?

Wi-Fi-connected school buses deliver online access for rural and underserved students. School buses can be parked in centralized areas (such as in parking lots or close to apartment complexes), so students can access free Wi-Fi from within parked cars or their home environments. Connected buses can also extend learning opportunities during student commutes to and from school.

Safe Fleet’s mission of Driving Safety Forward™ remains just as much of a focus for us today in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.
We are here to help you with all your fleet safety needs.

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