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Get on the Road to Reopening Schools Safely, Effectively & Efficiently

Whether a district is operating in-school, online, or a combination of both this year, transportation directors across the country have been faced with unprecedented challenges. Maintaining your fleet, monitoring drivers’ health, and providing clean, germ-free vehicles is already a full-time job, and in the face of the pandemic, it can be even harder to keep up.

The recent Presidential Executive Order calling for schools to fully reopen by early spring has outlined a plan for reopening that includes enhanced safety guidance and calls for the release of additional funding options for essential equipment like cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting products. These measures are meant to assist both schools that are reopening for the first time and those that already have a head start and are open in some capacity already.

But while these resources will be a big help for schools, placing them on a deadline puts additional strain on districts to get up to speed quickly.

To meet this increased demand head-on, the PURELL® brand has invested heavily in manufacturing, supply chain, and shipping capacity to quickly respond with hand hygiene and surface disinfecting products when they’re needed most. As a result, they now have a variety of products to help transportation directors prepare for students to ride the buses again.

The PURELL brand offers a complete set of products, designed to help schools provide a clean, high-quality learning environment for their students. The PURELL SOLUTION for Education allows administrators, transportation directors, and faculty members to help eliminate illness-causing germs quickly and efficiently throughout the school, from the bus stop to the biology lab.

From versatile hand sanitizer dispensers that can be mounted almost anywhere inside a school bus like the PURELL ES1, to the breakthrough PURELL Professional Surface Disinfectant – a ready-to-use formulation that kills human coronavirus in just 30 seconds and doesn’t require rinsing or PPE – drivers, staff members, and parents can feel confident that students are in good hands.

Given the influx of new sanitizing products on the market, it’s more important than ever to ensure that the products being used by students and staff are made well and in accordance with the latest regulations. Recently, all hand sanitizer products from Mexico have been placed on a nationwide import alert because the FDA has seen a sharp increase in hand sanitizer products from Mexico that were labeled to contain ethanol but tested positive for methanol contamination.

PURELL products are formulated with high-quality ingredients, so they help eliminate both germs and compromises between effectiveness and mildness. Each PURELL product is rigorously tested, so when it matters most, they not only do the job with high-quality ingredients that are proven effective but also do it without damaging skin or surfaces.

The school bus transportation system plays an important role for schools, students, and the community at large – and keeping the fleet up and running is critical to providing this essential service. Along with helping to eliminate germs that can cause illness, the products used in the bus should be gentle enough for students to use without worrying about harsh odors and ingredients or other issues.

And unlike PURELL surface sanitizers and disinfectants, some other products can break down seatbelts, seat coverings, and mechanical components.

Getting students to and from school is no small task, and every minute counts when it comes to keeping vehicles clean. PURELL products can help transportation directors meet their goals with the same formulations that hospitals trust most.*

To be successful, it takes effective products and an efficient plan, and the PURELL brand offers solutions designed for efficiency, reduced maintenance, and streamlined operation.

*52 Week IRI Data ending April 2018; 2017 HPIS Data; Hall & Partners, September 2017 Brand Survey.

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