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March 2021

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This issue of School Transportation News contains articles on air-ventilation systems and frequent cleaning amid COVID-19, Type-A school buses, third-party transportation providers, and more.

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Smaller Can Be Better
Type A school buses, especially those that are running zero emissions or close to it, are gaining in popularity. Also in demand are smaller buses that are more accessible for students, easier for drivers to maneuver, and more cost-effective to operate.

Filter, Fog, Spray and Wipe?
Amid the latest guidance that COVID-19 is primarily transmitted via airborne particles, is it better to filter the air on school buses, concentrate on deep clean cleaning, or both? Student transporters share their experiences and lessons learned.

Special Reports

Stay Involved
With COVID-19 still plaguing school district operations, third-party transportation providers are an option for addressing driver shortages and social distancing practices. However, it’s important to keep communication lines open to ensure all safety precautions are followed.

Check Here
Keeping track of students at the end of routes is nothing new on bus driver to-do lists. But deep-cleaning and contact tracing during COVID-19 are, leading to more opportunities for staff to increase their accountability.


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Editor’s Take by Ryan Gray
Clearing the Air

Thought Leader by Pete Meslin
Mainstreaming Students With Disabilities on General Education Routes

Thought Leader by Dr. Richard Cooper
What Are the Long-Term Effects of Disinfecting School Buses?

Publisher’s Corner by Tony Corpin
The Road to Reopening

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