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How Technology Enhances Alternative Student Transportation

The traditional yellow school bus may not always be the most suitable mode of transportation for every student. School districts need to account for kids with special needs, children supported by the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act, and those who live in remote areas when arranging student transportation.

The real secret behind alternative student transportation is the team – it’s the boots-on-the-ground group of people who put the needs of the students above their own. It’s the service providers and drivers who show up and make sure that the kiddos get safely to and from school every day. Technology enhances the team’s ability to ensure safety, stability, and security.

As an alternative student transportation provider, EverDriven helps school districts ensure their students get to school safely every day. We’ve coordinated over 1.2 million trips so far this school year while matching each student to the right vehicle according to their unique needs.

Technology-Enabled Alternative Student Transportation Services

Our intelligent routing technology creates the most efficient route planning helping school districts save costs in the long run. Our district partners can use the Transportation Request Form (TRF) feature in our online District Portal to populate student data and input important information such as trip needs. This ensures that the drivers know a particular student’s needs and that their vehicles can be equipped with the proper safety features.

Real-Time Visibility and Better Trip Management

We care about every child’s safety. To give parents and school districts peace of mind, real-time GPS data from the Driver App is synchronized with the District Portal and VIP App.

The District Portal is specifically designed for school districts. It gives them complete visibility into each trip to ensure each student’s well-being. It also shows the district which students didn’t utilize transportation each day and allows them to easily request services for new students.

The VIP App helps parents and guardians track their child’s exact whereabouts during their journeys. They do this by referring to the map view and actual vehicle location. It also allows the parents to view driver and vehicle information and cancel a trip if their child isn’t feeling well that day.

How Our Dedicated Field Operations Teams Enhance This Service

Our technology supports our dedicated Field Operations Teams, service providers, and the EverSafe Drivers. Because all student trips are monitored in real-time, and parents and districts get up-to-date notifications if there are any delays, our Field Operations team is able to focus on improving service levels. The combination of our team members and technology helps school districts get students to school without compromising on safety or stability.

EverDriven has partnered with over 550 school districts in 28 states to provide students with reliable and consistent transportation to and from school. To learn more, please visit our website.

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