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School Bus Technology Increases Safety, Efficiency for Kids, Drivers, & Admin

Connected school buses combine safety, security, and network access in real-time so school bus administrators know what their buses are doing, where they are, and that students are safe.

The connected concept uses innovative talk and telematics solutions including hands-free communication devices, smartphones and tablets, GPS, safety dashboard reports, driver support tools, and wireless connectivity to provide real-time access to your buses, maps, fleet analytics, and driver coaching tools.

TeamConnect’s mission is to offer a next-generation approach to safety and efficiency in school bus technology for students, drivers, and school bus administrators.

With an integrated system of push-to-talk over cellular applications that operates on any LTE device or any LTE network, GPS tracking, and paperless administrative features, the TeamConnect solution consolidates the school bus cab into an all-in-one communication platform.

Communication Capabilities

Maintaining instant contact with your school bus drivers to ensure the safe transport of children is a crucial goal for any school fleet communications system.

TeamConnect’s one-button PPT service lets you turn your smart devices or tablets into two-way radios using cellular or Wi-Fi networks with crystal clear and dependable group or individual messaging that is instant, safe, secure, and comply with distracted driver regulations.

Monitoring Capabilities

The TeamConnect solution provides feature-rich monitoring capabilities that include:

  • School bus door open/close sensors
  • On-board behavior detection
  • Driving activity alerts
  • Emergency signals
  • Boarding and deboarding push notifications
  • Custom safety alerts

Telematic Capabilities

Telematics plays an integral part in school bus efficiency and safety. The TeamConnect solution provides geofence and GPS tracking functionality so school bus administrators can:

  • Streamline workflow by reviewing routes to improve efficiency, productivity, and quickly respond to changing conditions like road closures, traffic congestion, and weather situations.
  • Comply with distracted driver laws with the hands-free palm mic feature which increases driver safety and eliminates distracted driving and costly fines.
  • Manage vehicle performance and maintenance by monitoring fuel usage, hours of use, engine hours, low tire pressure and battery life.
  • Enhance the rider experience with more on-time buses and improved safety.
  • Increase driver accountability and decrease collision rates by monitoring speed, harsh braking, harsh acceleration, and harsh corners for coaching opportunities.

By providing the devices, the services, the support, the software, and the airtime, TeamConnect can give school bus fleet administrators a unified cab, simplifying the equipment and services so they can focus on getting children to and from school safely.

Experience TeamConnect in action – schedule your demonstration today! Contact us at 888-TEAM-PTT (832-6788) or visit us online at www.teamconnectusa.com

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