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Tell Me You’re Secure Without Telling Me You’re Secure

How Q’STRAINT technology is changing securement.

This content is brought to you by Q’STRAINT.

Q’STRAINT, the worldwide leader in Wheelchair Passenger Safety Solutions, is synonymous with safety. Securement is one element of traveling that passengers rarely consider, simply because it’s expected. But that was not always true for mobility passengers in school buses or even public transit. For over 35 years, Q’STRAINT has developed technology that addresses the questions and concerns of securement for mobility passengers.

Today, Q’STRAINT’s trailblazing technology is used every day, all over the world and has become the gold standard in wheelchair securement; and the benefits of their most recent technologies extend to not just to passengers, but to drivers and transportation companies as well.

Q’STRAINT believes that all mobility passengers deserve access to the same level of safety as those around them. From research and development to engineering and support, Q’STRAINT provides innovative solutions that make safety accessible. Q’STRAINT’s products have transformed the way mobility passengers travel by simplifying and speeding up the securement process, providing passenger independence and decreasing dwell times. They work on-site and hands-on with real mobility riders, drivers, maintenance directors and transit properties to improve and iterate on new products.

Q’STRAINT’s ‘promise’ is to Make Safety Accessible for All, and this promise extends into all areas of operation and influence: Quality, Testing, Standards, Training, Products, and Beyond.

But technology alone is never enough. Q’STRAINT continues to be at the forefront of defining and establishing securement regulations worldwide. They also work with global standards groups to ensure that safety becomes accessible for wheelchair passengers in every country — guaranteeing the highest levels of safety for all.

Innovative Technology: Taking the guesswork out of securement

Q’STRAINT ONE is an all-in-one wheelchair securement station that replaces the many parts and obstacles of traditional 4-point securement with a simplified single platform system.

Q’STRAINT ONE gets back to basics by making securement simple and straightforward with visible indicators, audible feedback, and push button operation, allowing operators to proceed with confidence even with even the most difficult mobility devices.

The system helps reduce liability by standardizing securement procedures and training as across fleets by having everyone follow the same process. The all-in-one design reduces the guesswork associated with properly anchoring securements into the vehicle floor, as well as alleviating concerns about missing parts and storing system components.

Finally, Q’STRAINT ONE is the only vehicle integrated wheelchair securement solution that has been fully crash tested to meet all current ADA standards. It’s a single approach to safety that makes every securement a simple process.

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