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Trends: Apps and School Buses

The number of school bus apps, specifically those that track the real-time location of the vehicles on routes and report either on-time arrival or delays, has grown considerably over the past year.

This winter, we surveyed STN readers to learn more about their experiences with these apps. The survey was sent out to more than 8,200 readers with titles of transportation director or supervisor, and 1,388 opened the email, while 211 clicked on the survey. All told, 165 readers answered questions on whether or not they are currently using apps to assist operations, along with using them to better inform parents and students. And, if so, the survey gathered information on how well are the apps working.

Readers also responded that there are no less than 18 apps currently on the market that readers use to track school buses, though sometimes just internally for the transportation department or school administrators. Here are the results:

graph1 graph2

app graph 1

More on how apps are being used by schools and school districts is in the April 2016 edition of School Transportation News magazine.


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