The Safety of the School Bus

The third week in October is School Bus Safety Week. As we all know, it’s a great time in the industry to take a second look at your passenger safety training, and it’s a great opportunity to recognize the hard work drivers undertake every day to keep all children safe.

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American School Bus Council Urges Parents to Choose the Safest Form of Transportation this School Year

BATAVIA, Ill. — The American School Bus Council (ASBC), a coalition of public and private transportation providers, school bus manufacturers and state officials responsible for pupil transportation, encourages parents across the country to choose the safest form of transportation to and from school for their children this school year: the yellow school bus.

School Bus Contractor Addresses Startup Issues

Student Transportation of America highlighted that the company is working "around the clock" to solve transportation delays for school bus riders who attend Omaha Public Schools, adding that the majoirty of routes are and have been on time despite a shortage of drivers.

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Ride-Hailing: Opportunity or Threat?

In the past, traveling in a city meant you hailed a taxi to take you from place to place. That has completely changed with travelers now using apps to find an Uber or Lyft driver in the area that quickly picks them up and takes them where they need to go.

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What's the Code Word?

The special needs school bus pulls up and no parent or family member is home to receive the child. Go figure. With more than 500 special needs students on Tempe Elementary school buses every afternoon, even a one-percent occurrence is a huge problem to an otherwise well-choreographed routing system. 

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