NYSBCA Calls for School Bus Safety Knowledge Requirement with NY State Driver License Applicants


LATHAM, New York –  The New York School Bus Contractors Association is calling for the passage of legislation mandating the addition of a school bus safety component to the pre-licensing driver education course and written test for all applicants seeking to obtain a New York state driver license.  The legislation (SB 5974), sponsored by NYS Senator Elaine Phillips of Nassau County, recently passed in the State Senate and is part of an ongoing effort to educate drivers about the dangers of illegally passing a stopped school bus.

Iowa Bill Reduces Rural District School Bus Costs

Iowa associations say the version of a school funding bill passed by the legislature is not what they had hoped for, but is a step in the right direction of reducing student transportation costs for districts. 

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Md. Bill Would Require Roadside School Bus Inspections

Most county transportation directors oppose a new state bill currently in the Senate that would require public school buses to comply with all Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations for maintenance, repair and inspections because they said it is unnecessary and a waste of taxpayer money.

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NY School Bus Contractors Recognize State Senator

The New York School Bus Contractors Association recognized state Sen. Jeff Klein as legislator of the year for advocating for bills that would increase penalties for motorists who illegally pass stopped school buses and exempt private school bus companies from paying sales tax on school bus and equipment purchases.

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NASDPTS Discusses Proper Oversight of School Bus Drivers

COLUMBUS, Ohio — The National Association of State Directors of Pupil Transportation Services hosted a Sunday afternoon roundtable conversation on how to address "fake news" published by the media amid a very real issue of school bus drivers who perhaps shouldn't be.

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