Seat Belts

NHTSA Issues Final Rule on Safety Vests/Harnesses

WASHINGTON, D.C - The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued a final rule March 8, 2004, that converts a temporary provision, which was set to terminate on September 1, 2004 that allowed the manufacturer of safety harnesses that attach to a school bus seat back to a permanent provision within Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 213, "Child Restraint Systems."

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Seat Belt FAQs

Why don’t all large school buses have seat belts like cars do?

Many parents are worried about the contradiction between the need to use seat belts and child passenger seats in automobiles and the lack of these safety devices in school buses, which don't require seat belts. One reason seat belts are not required on school buses is that the greater weight and mass of a school bus means that passengers are less vulnerable in a school bus than in an automobile, and they sit above the usual point of impact.

NTSB Chair Asks ‘To Belt or Not to Belt?’ at Conference

On Monday Christopher A. Hart, the acting chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), discussed "To Belt or Not to Belt: That is the Question" at the NAPT Summit and NASDPTS Annual Meeting in Kansas City, Missouri. He also touched on the dangers of distracted driving and sleep apnea among school bus drivers.

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Trends in School Bus Seating

Today’s marketplace is sending signals on what’s to come in the next generation of school bus seating technology. The biggest trends — cited by seating suppliers and a recent School Transportation News survey of transportation directors — point to the need for vandalism prevention, style enhancement, optimized capacity, weight reduction and restraints, especially as state laws address three-point seat belts on large buses.