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Routing App Using SaaS Can Drive Cost Way Down

PHOENIX, Ariz. — Masonlane, LLC has announced today the Sunray–Pupil Logistics and Operations Management cloud-based application is using Software as a Service (SaaS) to drive the cost way down. By using the SaaS Cloud-based model, Masonlane’s operational expenses are very low, which are passed on to the customer.  Masonlane does this by utilizing a cloud-based data center, where they are able to leverage leading edge technology to produce, integrate, and support an enterprise level application.

Tales From Under the Hood

If you mentioned GPS and telematics 20 years ago you might get strange looks, especially from school bus mechanics. Both technologies were far from legitimate options for running a fleet of school buses. But today, GPS and telematics are common tools used by many fleets to monitor maintenance schedules, bus locations, routing and driver performance, just to name a few.

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Transfinder Breaks $10M Revenue Mark in 2014

Student transportation software provider Transfinder reported another record year in 2014 as the company posted $10.335 million in revenue, a 20-percent increase over the year prior and the first earning to break eight figures.

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'Steffi Crosser' Recognized by Districts as Top Product

There are thousands of products and technologies designed to help school district administrators and transportation directors perform their jobs better, whether that means improving safety or increasing efficiency. To aid in their decision-making, District Administration magazine asks readers to vote and then publishes their top picks in the December issue. Several products geared toward student transportation made the Readers' Choice Top 100 Products of 2014, including the "Steffi Crosser" glove created by New York bus driver Victoria DeCarlo three years ago.

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Safety Vision Welcomes New Marketing, Sales Staff

In recent months Safety Vision, vendor of video surveillance products, has welcomed four new individuals to its Sales and Marketing Departments. Spurred by an uptick in sales, the company’s President and CEO Bruce Smith recently enacted an innovative approach to acquiring new talent. “We were seeking out new ways of selling. We wanted to innovate and then define approaches to solving mobile video surveillance issues,” said Smith. How does one go about achieving this? “It’s simple,” Smith said, “We hired those in America who are the brightest and most eager to contribute – new graduates.”

Gatekeeper Systems Contracts With Fort Worth ISD

ABBOTSFORD, B.C., Canada — Gatekeeper Systems Inc. is pleased to announce that it has received a notice of award from Fort Worth Independent School District, located in Texas. The total contract value begins at a minimum of approximately US$735,000 for a baseline two-camera system, to upwards of approximately US $1,200,000 if the project is expanded for a four-camera system with wireless configurations.