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Valentines Day and Other Holidays One School Bus Driver Loves to Hate

Valentine’s Day is almost here and along with the cards and conversation hearts comes a minor gripe from one school bus driver: all that candy that inevitably winds up on the bus. The Musings and Rantings of a School Bus Driver counts down the Six Holidays Drivers Love to Hate, including V-Day:

“Ahh, the day of love and cherishment. A day for a child to express feelings as a secret admirer and to exchange ‘Be My Valentine’ cards with EVERY OTHER child in their class. This, by far, is my favorite of the “candy” holidays as a bus driver. Why? You ask? Because, my dear readers, the children put NAMES on the cards, and I can write them up for eating and drinking on the bus. I know, its grinch-like, but when you’ve been sweeping up wrappers all year, you finally have your culprits in hand and name.”

Here’s to hoping one of our favorite school bus bloggers gets a clean bus and maybe a few valentines from the kids this year.

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