November 2016

    Shannon Evans, director of transportation at Clark County School District in Las Vegas, the third largest district in the nation, is this year’s winner of the STN Leadership Award.

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    No one knows school bus transportation in Las Vegas, like the 2016 STN Leadership Award winner
    Big technology is coming to revolutionize how the school bus industry drives



    Special Report: A ballot measure this month could further revitalization of downtown student transportation services

    Survey results indicate school districts show little eagerness, knowledge about low-rolling resistance tires and NHTSA plan to reduce fuel consumption

    Facing Off Against Old Man Winter


    First Take by Ryan Gray

    Thought Leader by Linda Bluth
    When Should a School Bus Attendant Be Assigned to a School Bus Serving Students with Disabilities?

    Thought Leader by Tim Ammon
    The Challenge of Our Time: Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders

    Thought Leader by Robert Pudlewski
    Meet the All-Electric School Bus

    Publisher’s Corner by Tony Corpin



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