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26th State Allows Gardian Angel School Bus Lighting System

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. / TOLEDO, Ohio— Florida is now the 26th state to allow the use of this innovative patented technology from Toledo, Ohio to keep young pedestrians safer as they load and unload the school bus. Founder, Steve Gardner and his son, Andrew Gardner are celebrating a huge milestone success with the majority of the United States now permitting the patented Gardian Angel school bus pedestrian safety lighting system from Gardian Angel, LLC.

Steve Gardner, Founder of Gardian Angel , LLC stated, “The Sunshine State is about to get a lot brighter and safer. We are absolutely thrilled to work with Florida.” The Gardian Angel school bus lighting system may be added by Florida school districts, but it is the district’s sole responsibility to ensure the technology does not adversely affect safety or conflict with any state or federal specifications.

The Gardian Angel school bus lighting system is now currently available as optional equipment to school buses in the following 26 states: Alaska, Arkansas, Arizona, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Maine, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Texas, Utah, Vermont, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming

The system, created by former school bus mechanic and fleet maintenance supervisor, Steve Gardner, uses white LED flood lights which are mounted at the front of the bus which shines out the side of the front of the bus to illuminate the path for students to cross the street, and to make the students more visible to motorists. The unit is aimed at the ground and automatically turns on when the red lights are activated, then turns off when the bus entrance door is closed.

Gardian Angel is a patented exterior lighting system that attaches to a school bus with the goal of helping combat stop-arm violations and minimizing the safety risks to student riders. It is designed to help drivers clearly see students in darkness, provide a lit path for pedestrians walking toward the bus, and enable cars in front of and behind the bus to clearly see pedestrians walking toward the school bus in darkness. The system delivers the most advanced technologies to prevent stop-arm violations and minimizes the public safety risks to students who rely on school transportation. This approved option also raises the bar for the current state standards, as well as exceeds the current federal standards. This proactive school bus safety feature is meant to reduce the rates of illegal passing incidents, as well as to help the driver see better in the dark. It decreases the unloading and loading zone injuries and/or fatalities, and aids in the prevention of school bus pedestrian crashes.

Gardian Angel, LLC reminds customers to check with state requirements for specific mounting locations, since they may vary. School districts in 26 states can purchase the Gardian Angel lighting system for their bus fleet. For more information, go to www.GardianAngelLLC.com.

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