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Adroit Advance Technologies to Expand Service to the Midwest

HOUSTON, Texas – Today, ADROIT Advanced Technologies, a Beacon Mobility partner-company, announced they will begin serving general and special education customers in the Midwest starting January 2023. With the purchase and integration of ADROIT in 2021, Beacon became the first school transportation provider in the country to offer an alternative transportation option in addition to its traditional home-to-school and special education services.

Interest in alternative transportation models has accelerated post-pandemic as school districts have struggled to accommodate new demands for flexibility, while also managing the national driver shortage. ADROIT offers a scheduled, cost-effective service to a smaller population of students that can be added to established school routes to ensure all students can be accommodated – particularly in more rural service areas where routes are more spread out.

“ADROIT is designed to be a complementary and supplementary resource to traditional yellow bus and van programs, and we are proud to support Beacon Mobility’s expansion into the alternative transportation space to meet the needs of our communities,” said Emran Saidan, Co-Founder & CEO of ADROIT Advanced Technologies. “ADROIT recognizes the importance of stability for student passengers. Our model ensures that children are matched with a consistent driver trained to support each child’s unique needs, and we look forward to expanding our footprint throughout the Beacon Mobility family.”

“We are thrilled to add ADROIT’s platform to our established transportation services, providing districts freedom of choice to pursue creative, alternative transportation solutions that offer more flexibility to students and families,” said Judith Crawford, CEO of Beacon Mobility. “We’re excited to be the first bus company to become a one-stop-shop for school transportation leaders, enabling them to create custom plans that best serve their unique student populations.”

About Beacon Mobility: Beacon Mobility is a growing family of transportation companies committed to serving the diverse needs of their customers. Now operating 16 local brands in 22 states, their experienced, compassionate, and dedicated team takes pride in their ability to create customized, mobility-based solutions that empower people to get where they need to go. To learn more, visit: https://gobeacon.com/

About ADROIT Advanced Technologies: ADROIT Advanced Technologies was founded in 2017 on the premise that school transportation needs to be as varied and unique as the students and districts it serves. For 5 years, ADROIT has successfully complemented school transportation in communities in California, and Arizona with recent expansion into Wisconsin and Missouri. Their unique model of ensuring their carefully vetted drivers are partnered with children based on their unique needs and IEPs ensures a transportation solution that perfectly serves parents, children, school districts, and communities. To learn more, visit: https://www.goadroit.com

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