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Bergstrom Expands School Bus A/C Installations in Partnership with TransArtic

ROCKFORD, Ill. — Bergstrom Inc., a leading designer and manufacturer of cab climate systems for commercial trucks, off-highway machines, military vehicles, specialty vehicles and niche automotive markets, have partnered with TransArctic to expand and grow the company’s services in the school bus industry.

TransArctic will continue installations in Tulsa where Bergstrom has been installing since 2018. This will allow a seamless transition for school bus dealers throughout North America. Since 2018, the facility has been converted to handle simultaneous installations and will allow TransArctic to begin installations immediately. TransArctic will have the full support of Bergstrom’s engineering team and will employ experienced A/C technicians from the Tulsa, Oklahoma area. The address of the Tulsa facility is 5444 S. 108 East Ave., Tulsa, Oklahoma.

TransArctic will also be installing Blue Bird applications at their facility in Perry, GA. Much like Tulsa, the facility is based near the Blue Bird manufacturing plant in Fort Valley, GA. TransArctic has been installing bus A/C at this location since 2004. Bergstrom expects this state of the art facility will allow them to grow their presence even further in coming years. The address of the new facility is 101 Industrial Park Drive, Perry, GA 31069.

Bergstrom has had a constant desire to install A/C installations near the Thomas Bus plant in North Carolina. TransArctic has been operating in North Carolina since 2002. With this new partnership, Bergstrom will now be able to install their AC through TransArctic out of this facility.

“We feel this really opens up a lot of opportunities for us for Thomas Bus dealers across the country,” says Forrest Fields, Director of bus air conditioning. “We have been trying to find a way to better serve our current Thomas Bus dealers, and their facility in Thomasville is the perfect answer.”

“Bergstrom has had a long relationship with TransArctic and we look forward to growing this relationship even more,” added Fields. “TransArctic’s reputation for quality work is a perfect match for the quality products we have been providing to the school bus market since 1952.”

Bergstrom began producing heaters for school buses in 1952 and has grown into the largest supplier of school bus heaters in the U.S. With the new Cool Zone system, Bergstrom has taken their industry expertise in commercial vehicle HVAC systems and engineered a high performance, OEM-quality air conditioning system for the school bus market.

Each school bus air conditioning system is customizable and can consist of any combination of bus HVAC systems. Factors that determine the different types of packages specified are determined by each application and include the size of the school bus, state regulations and average weather temperatures in the different regions each bus is expected to operate in.

The installation and maintenance of the new Cool Zone systems are simple with adjustable mounting brackets and are designed with filters that are easy to service and louvers that are fully adjustable for optimal airflow control. Cooling and heating capability in the dash unit maximize occupant comfort in both hot and cold climates.

For more information about the new facilities or the Cool Zone system, please visit www.bergstrominc.com.

About Bergstrom Inc.

Bergstrom Inc. is the leading designer and manufacturer of cab climate systems for heavy-duty commercial trucks, off-highway machines and specialty vehicles. Bergstrom started in 1949 and has since grown into one of the world’s leading manufacturers of climate control solutions for the commercial vehicle industry. To learn more visit www.bergstrominc.com.

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