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Bergstrom’s Cool Zone Delivers Reliable/Efficient A/C System for School Buses

ROCKFORD, Ill. — Bergstrom Inc., a global leader in the design and supply of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) solutions to OEM and aftermarket on and off-highway customers worldwide, has introduced an air conditioning system for school buses called Cool Zone.

The Cool Zone system is an OEM-quality system that is designed, tested and validated on an OEM-factory level for the aftermarket industry. It delivers a superior performance that is more reliable and efficient than comparable units currently on the market. Recent testing on a Blue Bird bus to Florida and Texas School Bus Specifications revealed that Cool Zone cools the bus down 20 percent faster than what’s required by the state specs.

“Bergstrom began producing heaters for Carpenter & Thomas school buses in 1952,” said Bill Gordon, division president of Bergstrom Parts, LLC. “We’ve taken this industry expertise and engineered an OEM-quality air conditioning system for the school bus market that will keep students comfortable and happy.”

The Cool Zone systems cover all school bus applications required in today’s market.

Key Features

  • Installation and maintenance are simple with adjustable mounting brackets and filters that are easy to service.
  • Electronic freeze protection on the rear bulkhead prevents coils from freezing and a fully insulated case prevents case sweating.
  • On the midship unit, a powder-coated galvanized steel construction prevents rust and provides maximum durability. The two adjustable double louvers and ball louvers optimize air flow for passengers.
  • The 2-ton thermal expansion valve on the front bulkhead improves A/C performance while the fully adjustable louvers direct airflow and enhance cooling.
  • The condenser is composed of three sealed axial fans producing 1,600 actual cubic feet per minute airflow. Performance is maximized with zinc chromate-plated steel hardware and a powder-coated steel receiver drier with 12 cubic inches of molecular sieve.
    Compressors options are highly reliable and serviceable, and include Sanden Enhanced SD7 or Seltec TM-21.
  • Cooling and heating capability in dash unit maximize occupant comfort in both hot and cold climates. The filter is serviceable and easy to access and louvers are fully adjustable for optimal airflow control.

The Cool Zone system is customizable and can consist of any combination of bus systems. Factors that determine the different types of packages include the size of the school bus, state regulations and average weather temperatures in the different regions of the U.S.

About Bergstrom, Inc.

Bergstrom, Inc. is the leading designer and manufacturer of cab climate systems for heavy-duty commercial trucks, off-highway machines and specialty vehicles. By combining progressive engineering talent, lean manufacturing principals and a global footprint, Bergstrom offers a unique blend of commercial vehicle marketplace focus and customer value. Bergstrominc.com

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