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Free Training Program to Prevent Danger Zone Child Fatalities

HUDSON, Ohio – The School Bus Safety Company announced today that they have completely re-created and updated their training course – Preventing Danger Zone Accidents.

Starting in 2010 and again in 2015 and 2018, The School Bus Safety Company (SBSC) updated and improved their training program – Preventing Danger Zone Accidents. SBSC provided copies of these training programs at no cost to over 6,000 school bus locations across North America.

Jeff Cassell, the president of SBSC said “Everything can be improved, and we had identified a number of improvements to the Danger Zones Training Program. Consequently, we have yet again re-created and improved this program allowing for many suggestions from school districts or contractors who use the program.” Jeff shared that the improvements include:

· Details of real-life tragedies with explanations of how these could have been prevented.

· More in-depth training on safe crossing procedures.

· Added training on safe crossing in the morning.

· Examples of large claim settlements and the actions the driver should have taken to prevent these accidents.

· Information on devices that can be used to prevent Danger Zone Accidents.

· Ability to help trainees by showing English closed captions or Spanish closed captions.

In the last 10 years, 55 children were killed in the danger zones around school buses. In the prior decade, there were 110 danger zone child fatalities. Thus, the industry has reduced these tragedies by 50%. We are going in the right direction, but we want to get to zero.

Jeff added, “This reduction equates to 55 children’s lives saved over the 10 years. It has been achieved by a far greater use of crossing gates in front of the bus along with more comprehensive driver training. We hope that with more than 6,000 locations using our free danger zone training program we will have contributed to the reduction.

Our goal is to further reduce these tragedies, hence this updated program is being provided again, free of cost. This program teaches drivers all the actions they can take to prevent Danger Zone Accidents. The program consists of a one-hour video training program, a trainer’s guide, and a driver study guide.”

To request your free copy, please go to our website at www.schoolbussafetyco.com. You can obtain a link to deliver the program from your own computer or request a thumb drive. You can also print free copies of the trainer’s guide and driver study guide that are available from our website.

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