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Governor Ned Lamont Declares “DATTCO DAY” in Connecticut

HARTFORD, Conn. – DATTCO, a leader in transportation solutions, celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2024, commemorating a century of innovation and community impact, reinforcing the importance of DATTCO’s century of service and contributions to the state.

To commemorate this historic occasion, Governor Ned Lamont has declared a proclamation marking June 18th, 2024, as “DATTCO Day” in the state of Connecticut. Governor Ned Lamont said “This proclamation honors DATTCO’s dedication to our communities and state. You cannot be in business for one hundred years without a commitment to values, customers, and community. Here is to another one hundred years of doing business here in Connecticut.”

Founded in 1924 as a local transit and charter bus service operator, DATTCO has evolved into a comprehensive transportation provider, offering vehicle sales and service, fleet management, and unparalleled charter services and tours nationwide. A key milestone in DATTCO’s journey is its school bus division and fleet, which expanded from one bus in 1949 to over 1,200 buses today, serving numerous school districts throughout New England ensuring the safe transportation of over 145,000 students daily.

Don DeVivo, DATTCO President and second-generation owner said, “I think my Dad would have been very proud of us reaching the 100-year milestone. He worked very hard and started with really nothing but one bus. I think we honor his legacy by instilling our corporate mission and values, to support our employees, our customers, and the communities we serve in moving this company forward.”

Kyle DeVivo, Chief Operating Officer, and third-generation owner/son reflected on the company’s commitment to innovation and adaptability, stating, “As a company, we’ve always aimed to be forward-thinking and investing in future technology and state of the art innovations. Adaptability has been a cornerstone of what makes DATTCO successful.”

Kevin DeVivo, General Manager for the Bus Sales Division, and third-generation owner/son emphasized the importance of people and community to DATTCO’s continual success, he commented. “We put employees and customers first and focus on helping to improve the lives of the people and communities we serve.”

As DATTCO looks ahead to the next century with enthusiasm, we are unwavering in our objective to uphold our mission by providing innovative and diversified passenger transportation solutions by using our knowledge to enhance our customer’s experience. DATTCO’s core values of excellence, integrity, empathy, creativity, and community will continue to guide the company ensuring another successful one hundred years!

About DATTCO, Inc.
DATTCO is a premier transportation company headquartered in Connecticut since 1924. With over one hundred years of industry experience, DATTCO has provided high-quality transportation solutions, including a motorcoach division for charters, shuttles, tour services, a school bus division, and more. DATTCO is also leading the way in sustainability, by driving the shift to electric vehicles, reducing emissions, and influencing an environmentally cleaner future. For additional information, please contact or visit our website at


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