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Highland Electric Fleets Awarded Competitive Procurement Contract from California Buying Group SPURR

BEVERLY, Mass., – Highland Electric Fleets, the leading provider of fleet Electrification-as-a-Service (EaaS), announced today it has been awarded a competitive purchasing contract for turnkey fleet electrification services from California-based buying cooperative, SPURR. This competitive award contract for fleet electrification-as-a-service and charging-as-a-service will be accessible to California public agencies including municipalities, county offices of education, community colleges, and K-12 school districts including SPURR’s over 300 member districts.

For more than 30 years, SPURR has served as a Joint Powers Authority (JPA), aggregating purchasing power and expertise for both member and non-member participants in California – including public school districts, community colleges, county offices of education, public universities, cities, counties, municipal agencies, and non-profit educational organizations. SPURR leverages its purchasing expertise to support customers in need of fast procurement options within various energy-related sectors like Telecom and Internal Networking, Solar and Energy Storage (REAP), Natural Gas and Electricity, LED Lighting, Energy Data Management, Electric Vehicles, and Site Electrification (PAVE).

“We were incredibly excited to have Highland Electric Fleets respond to our EV Charging Infrastructure & Roadmapping RFP. They showed a unique ability to account for all the complicated regulatory and site-related nuances of an EV infrastructure project while maintaining a simple, value-based go to market strategy. Districts across California will benefit greatly from being able to contract directly with Highland to electrify their fleets without procurement delays that could cause them to miss out on valuable rounds of funding,” said Charlie Benzyk, SPURR PAVE Program Technical Expert.

Through SPURR’s competitive RFP for EV Charging Infrastructure & Roadmapping, Highland was awarded the right to offer its Fleet and Depot products to members in California. Highland Fleet supplies customers with all the components required for successful fleet electrification including planning, implementation, EV procurement and financing, charge management, training, maintenance, and more. Highland Depot provides similar services, excluding EV procurement and financing, for members who replace their own vehicles.

“Receiving an award from key players in procurement like SPURR is a significant achievement for our company,” said Brian Buccella, Chief Commercial Officer at Highland Electric Fleets. “The California energy transition is accelerating quickly and Highland is excited for this partnership and the opportunity to support education institutions interested in fleet electrification.”

Over 240 organizations were invited to participate in the SPURR PAVE RFP and responses were received from 14. From those 14 submissions, 4 organizations were awarded: Alco Building Solutions, ForeFront Power, Highland Electric Fleets, and InCharge Energy.

About Highland Electric Fleets:
Highland Electric Fleets is the leading provider of electrification-as-a-service for school districts, governments, and fleet operators in North America. Founded in 2019, Highland offers a unique suite of products that make it simple and affordable to upgrade to electric fleets today. Active in 30 states and Canada, Highland is responsible for the first use of electric school buses in a commercial vehicle-to-grid (V2G) program and the largest electric school bus project in the United States to date. To learn more, visit https://highlandfleets.com.

About SPURR:
SPURR is a Joint Powers Authority (JPA) duly formed and existing under the California Joint Exercise of Powers Act. SPURR was formed in 1989 to seek reduction and control of utility costs and risks on behalf of its members. SPURR membership is open to all California public agencies. Members of SPURR’s Board of Directors are all management-level employees of California public school districts, county offices of education and community college districts. With over 300 member organizations, SPURR aggregates purchasing power and expertise for thousands of public agency facilities across the state of California. SPURR procurement programs include natural gas, electricity, solar energy and energy storage, utilities expense management and conservation, LED lighting, electric vehicle and charging infrastructure and telecommunications and networking.

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