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Incharge Energy Offers Charging as a Service (CaaS)

SANTA MONICA, Calif. – InCharge Energy, the fleet electrification services leader, announced the launch of its latest turnkey solution, InCharge as a Service. This EV charging subscription offering provides commercial fleets the infrastructure they need pegged to an uptime standard and paid for on a monthly or variable basis, without the stress of directly owning and operating the infrastructure themselves.

“Our first fleet partners are already appreciating focusing on what they do best – operating their fleets – because we are focused on operating their chargers,” said Terry O’Day, COO of InCharge Energy. “InCharge as a Service is a great solution to some of the challenges with fleet electrification, like hefty upfront investments, future-proofing those investments and balancing these costs between capital expenditures or operating expenditures. Perhaps most importantly, it allows companies to consider charging costs as fully variable so that they can understand the cost and timeline to scale up their electrification plans.”
InCharge as a Service is a perfect option for fleets wanting a flexible EV charging solution that will scale as they add more EVs to their ranks. InCharge Energy bundles all the costs of an EV charging infrastructure into a monthly fee that varies based on utilization, making it much simpler for fleets to forecast and shifting the cost from a capital expenditure (CapEx) to an operating expenditure (OpEx). InCharge Energy’s rideshare partners are especially fond of this option, as it allows them to focus on scaling their business model, and as trucks come to market for logistics companies, food distribution fleets, and others, they are finding this solution allows their teams to achieve faster scale.

InCharge as a Service includes the following end-to-end support for fleet customers:
Planning and engineering of the charging infrastructure, whether the customer chooses
an existing site or needs assistance with new site acquisition. Commissioning of charging hardware and any other additional equipment as needed. Free installation of the commissioned charging hardware and other equipment. Service and maintenance of the chargers, with issue response times within 24 hours. Access to and unlimited configurations of the In-Control software platform for charger monitoring. Processing of government incentives and carbon credits, which can be applied to cover the monthly operating costs.

InCharge as a Service customers have two payment options – by the mile, which is the
traditional offering, or on a kWh basis, which is unique to InCharge. With the per-kWh option, customers pay based on their monthly usage of the charging infrastructure. As a customer’s electrified fleet grows, so will their usage. For customers that are able to apply Low-Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) credits to this service, their costs will be covered the more their utilization grows.

About InCharge Energy:
InCharge Energy is on the frontlines of large-scale emissions reduction, accelerating the
electrification of the transportation industry – one commercial fleet at a time. With end-to-end, turnkey solutions for commercial EV infrastructure projects, InCharge Energy equips fleet managers with the top brands in charging hardware and software; customized hardware and software products; short-, mid- and long-range plans for seamless fleet and facilities transition to EVs; financing; and maintenance and corrective repairs over the life of the charging assets.

InCharge develops innovative hardware, software and services designed and engineered specifically for fleets, such as service-dispatch-integrated software, fleet-management integrated software, electricity load management, durable cable management products and high-reliability maintenance, repair and warranty services. Whether a fleet has 200 sedans or 20,000 Class 8 trucks, the team at InCharge serves a diverse clientele throughout North America, including major commercial fleets, truck and bus manufacturers, ride share operators, EV manufacturers, school districts, municipalities and facilities owners, among many others. For more information about InCharge Energy or to get in touch with its experienced team, please visit


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