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Pegasus Charges Ahead Officially Opening a Facility for the Development of Electric-Powered School Buses

Pegasus is leading the charge in the development of safe and sustainable student transportation

DUNKIRK, Ohio — Pegasus Specialty Vehicles, an electric vehicle manufacturer, will be entering the Type A school bus and shuttle bus market in 2022. Pegasus will be utilizing several chassis and powertrain options including the GM Express/Savana, Ford E Series, and Transit cutaway, including an EV Ford conversion from Phoenix Motorcars. On top of the standard chassis options Pegasus will be offering buses up to 22,300 Lb. GVW from Zeus Electric Chassis. The Zeus chassis will be the only true purpose-built EV chassis in the Type A segment.

“Pegasus has been a long time in the making, but I believe the product that we produce will be a vehicle that is easy to manufacture for us but more importantly, easy to service in the field. On top of that, the innovation we’ve built into our ‘student transport tech stack’ helps us differentiate from the existing solutions available today.”

Company President Brian Barrington and his team have extensive experience in the space and look forward to bringing a line of buses that are easy to manufacture, service, and operate while providing unmatched strength and durability. “Our ability to offer a line of products from gas to EV and everything in between with our Zeus product and additional chassis options gives us a uniquely positive position to service the school and shuttle bus market.”

About Pegasus Specialty Vehicles

Pegasus Specialty Vehicles is an Ohio-based electric vehicle manufacturer focused on providing safe and sustainable student transport solutions. Pegasus distinguishes itself in the industry through its focus on reliability, durability, and drivability of its state-of-the-art “student transport tech stack.”

Barrington can be reached at brian@ridepegasus.net or at https://www.ridepegasus.net/.

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