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Planet Halo’s Latest Multi-Channel Video Recorder For the School Bus Industry

SAN FRANCISCO — Planet Halo, Inc. introduced its multi-channel production model PH4 vehicle recorder in early 2013. The PH4 is a unique recording device that incorporates 2 high-resolution camera lenses, a GPS module, audio recorder, G-force inertial sensor, and mini-DVR with SD card all housed in a sleek design measuring only 4″L x 2 ¼”H x 1″D.

Designed specifically for commercial fleet vehicles, the PH4 captures video over the entire interior length of the passenger compartment and views from the driver’s perspective towards the front of the vehicle. The external cameras are designed to mount on the side of the vehicle and capture video alongside and towards the rear of the vehicle. These external cameras are only 2″ long, weatherproof, and can be used as a stop arm monitor. A universal camera, the PH square, can be affixed for a variety of purposes including use as a back-up camera or recording for inside the student’s compartment.

The sophisticated software included in the PH4 records and compiles crisp clear video data from all four cameras, continuous GPS positioning, speed, G-force data, and programmed or triggered events and displays them all on a user-friendly viewer. Management can track their vehicle routes, speeds, stops and starts, driver and passenger behavior while viewing the actual video events as they occurred in 720p, with night vision and variable bit rate recording capabilities.

The PH4 is the only fully contained multi-channel recorder on the market. No need for separate DVR’s with cabled in cameras, external power supplies, separate GPS tracking devices or custom reporting software to compile your data. Customers in the school bus industry have taken a liking to the ease of use, installation and pricing of the unit. There are no recurring monitoring fees, and guaranteed to be the most cost effective vehicle recorder in the market, and in many instances up to four times less the cost than its competitors. For accidental collision investigations, passenger or driver complaints, fleet monitoring, route economy and insurance compliance this device does it all.

Planet Halo will be at booth #600 at the TSD Conference and will provide demonstrations on the PH4 capabilities and the fully functioning software tools that are included. Stop by to see special discounts and demo programs available at the TSD Conference and see why Planet Halo offers the most comprehensive and economical way to monitor vehicle fleet operations.

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