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Pro-Vision® Releases New Model of Hybrid DVR

BYRON CENTER, Mich. – Pro-Vision, a leader in mobile video solutions, announced today it released a new hybrid DVR that expands the number of high-definition cameras supported compared to the 900 Series DVR.

The Ranger Hybrid DVR, which is backward compatible with all existing Pro-Vision cameras, supports up to eight AHD (analog high definition) cameras and an additional DHD (digital high definition) camera, up from four AHD cameras and two DHD cameras on the previous model.

“We’re really excited about the expanded capacity of the Ranger DVR,” said Matt Lehnert, Pro-Vision’s vice president of engineering. “Adding support for four more AHD cameras will give our customers the option to add even more coverage of their vehicles, and the bigger storage options mean less time uploading video footage.”

The AHD inputs feature zero latency, meaning there is no lag between what the camera is capturing and what the in-cab video monitor is displaying. This allows the driver to see the sides and rear of the vehicle in real time to avoid accidents.

To speed up the video upload process, the Ranger DVR chunks videos, or separates them into smaller videos, to reduce the size of each video request.

Additional benefits of the improved hybrid DVR include:
Enhanced real-time/live streaming capabilities. HDMI HD video output. Time lapse recording feature. Supports up to 1 terabyte SD card options.

About Pro-Vision:
Founded in 2003, Pro-Vision is a leading video technology solutions provider trusted by thousands of organizations in 58 countries. Pro-Vision solutions include vehicle video recording systems, body-worn cameras, data management and cloud-based storage solutions. Pro-Vision transit, law enforcement and commercial partners utilize these solutions to enhance safety, increase productivity and protect critical assets. For more information, visit

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