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The Lion Electric Co., First Priority GreenFleet Announce Largest All-Electric School Bus Deployment in N. America

LONG BEACH, CALIF. — The Lion Electric Co. (Lion), an innovative company manufacturing zero emission vehicles, and First Priority GreenFleet (FPGF), a leading clean transportation solutions provider and dealer, announced today that they had accomplished the largest all-electric school bus deployment in North American history that was made by a single original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

Specifically, the two companies have partnered to roll out approximately 40 all-electric school buses in California, into more than 15 districts over the past 12 months—that’s more electric school buses than all of the other OEMs and dealers combined. Together, Lion and FPGF have deployed more than 150 all-electric school buses in the last two years, with more than one million miles driven.

“We believe that electrifying school buses is the only environmental, social and economical solution that makes possible protecting our most precious capital, our children,” said Marc Bedard, Lion’s CEO and Founder. “We don’t pretend that electrifying school buses is an easy task, because it isn’t. That’s why we spent the last eight years designing our vehicles and the past three years commercializing it. We are by far the only OEM with this kind of experience and track record.”

First Priority GreenFleet, Lion’s dealer in California, New York and New Jersey, has been a major player and key to the success of this process. “We are proud to partner with Lion and help electrify school transportation in California and the New York City metro area,” said Alex Cherepakhov, CEO of First Priority GreenFleet. “We are committed to providing our partners and end-users the most comprehensive set of clean transportations solutions and accompanying technologies, and all with a one-stop menu of services and products.”

The largest concentration of all-electric school buses is currently in California, where grants and funding options are readily available to help schools purchase Lion’s zero-emission vehicles.

“California air quality agencies currently offer funding options for local school districts looking to electrify their school bus fleets,” mentioned Nate Baguio, Lion’s vice president of sales located in California. “Lion is proud that our zero-emission buses are able to support the air quality goals that CARB, regional AQMD’s and California Energy Commission have set to improve the State’s air quality for the citizens of California. We are also thankful for our school district partners for leading the EV movement, and are excited to continue assisting them in turning their school bus fleets into a zero-emission, healthy breathing environment for our children and communities.”

Lion is the only integrated OEM that makes its own chassis, battery packs and body. This allows them to use the best components, technologies and control the overall cost of their products; making it possible to offer the best vehicles at the best price.

In addition to distributing the product, Lion will also introduce this summer, an electric minibus that is designed to meet school transportation, paratransit and transit requirements. The vehicle will be able to travel 75-150 miles, and was designed to meet contractor’s demands. “It is very popular already and can be used in so many different ways that we’re calling it our ‘Swiss Army knife,’” summarized Bedard. It has been designed to integrate future intelligent systems (for example, autonomous driving). Everything we build, we build with the intention to anticipate the next 15 years.”

Lion will also start manufacturing a new complete line of all-electric trucks by the end of the current year, leveraging the technologies that were developed over the last eight years. We’re talking specifically about specialty medium- to heavy-duty urban trucks (classes 5 to 8).

The vehicles can range from ambulances or service trucks, to cranes and delivery trucks.

Peter Rego, Lion’s chief commercial officer USA, also shared that “we are excited to announce that we are now taking pre-orders for all Lion products. The vehicles demonstrate our commitment to cleaner air, a healthy population and overall quality of life, not only for us but also for our future generations. This will allow us to continue as the global leader in the electric bus and heavy vehicle space, and assist us on our journey to electrify the USA.”

About First Priority Green Fleet

First Priority GreenFleet is a leading provider of end-to-end clean transportation solutions in the U.S., and the only independent commercial electric vehicle service organization covering both coasts. Its array of options for both manufacturers and commercial fleets is unique in the industry. First Priority works with OEMs, powertrain suppliers and a wide-array of bodybuilders/upfitters, to provide fleets best-in-class sustainable transportation solutions. First Priority GreenFleet is a subsidiary of First Priority Group, a 20-year industry leader that is a diversified manufacturer, dealer, upfitter and service provider to the First Responder and Specialty Vehicle markets. As a market leader in its four divisions—EMS, Fire, Conversions and Clean Transportation Solutions, First Priority’s range of expertise encompasses design, manufacturing, service, fleet management and infrastructure installation, to provide end-users with a comprehensive a one-stop shop solution across their specialty vehicle needs.

About the Lion Electric Co.

Lion Electric Co. is an innovative manufacturer of zero-emission vehicles. Since its founding in 2008, Lion’s mission has been to develop durable, integrated solutions, while reducing its environmental footprint. Always actively seeking new technologies, Lion vehicles have unique features that are specifically adapted to its users and their everyday needs.

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