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The School Bus Safety Company Re-created and Improved CDL Training Course to Help Trainees Pass the Written CDL Test

CLEVELAND, Ohio — The School Bus Safety Company (SBSC) announced today they have just completed the re-creation and up-dating of the training course to help applicants pass the Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) written test.

Jeff Cassell, President of SBSC, explained, “As we all know, there are huge driver shortages everywhere. A major hurdle in hiring enough drivers is helping them pass the CDL written test. This updated course will reduce the number of applicants lost due to the complexity of passing the CDL written test. It can take up to 20 hours of study for an applicant to pass this test and it is challenging and hard work. Consequently, many applicants drop out at this stage. With our new interactive video-based training course, we have reduced this training time to less than 7 hours and made it far easier to learn.”

Cassell added, “Our original course was created over seven years ago, and we saw a number of ways to improve the course and make it more successful. We also wanted to update the practice test questions to reflect the current testing. As trainees go through the training, they are repeatedly questioned on the subjects taught and corrected if they answer any questions wrong.

In addition to the practice tests, questions are asked throughout the programs to help reinforce the required knowledge. Then, final practice tests prepare the trainee to pass the final exam. Program # 9 includes 16 practice tests totaling over 400 questions and these are presented the same way as when the trainee takes the test at the DMV. After each test the trainee is told their score and then has the ability to review the test, identifying where they were wrong and what the correct answer is.” Cassell then commented “The course is available in hard copy on thumb drive or DVD and contains nine interactive programs together with a trainer’s guide, a driver’s study guide and a book of practice tests.

Alternately, the course is available over the web through a learning management system. Trainees can go through the training and practice tests remotely. Driver shortages are a major issue for most districts and contractors. If we can help train more applicants into successful drivers, we will reduce this problem.”

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