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UbicaBus Provides Tracking Solution for Students

COLONIAL BEACH, Va. — UbicaBus provides a fully integrated end-to-end attendance tracking solution including proprietary hardware, custom student RFID cards, and a robust software suite.

Custom Student ID Cards

While schools can use existing 13.56 MHz and 125 kHz smart cards with the UbicaBus system, we also offer custom design, printing, and assignment of student ID cards. Work with our team to design a card specific to your school including school colors and logo. Our sophisticated system can quickly and easily assign the smart card ID number to each student’s account.

Lose a card? Don’t worry, UbicaBus provides you with extras or can easily print and ship more for you.

Integrated Solution

Our proprietary hardware is quick and easy to install. The RFID reader integrates with the UbicaBus location messaging unit to share one data channel and transmit data in real-time. Our smart card readers work with nearly all card types.

Sophisticated Software & Reports

Ridership tracking is fully integrated with the UbicaBus GPS tracking, routing, and other features to provide you with an end-to end solution. View ridership in real-time or create custom reports on historical data. Better understand your student riding behaviors and opportunities to consolidate routes to reduce transportation costs. Easily create and submit mandatory state reports for students with disabilities to reduce administrative work and ensure timely reimbursements.

About Ubicabus 

UbicaBus was founded at MIT with the goal of solving some of the most complicated issues in student transportation. Our GPS-enabled school bus tracking technology allows schools to better manage their vehicles and provides parents with ultimate visibility. Today, our suite of hardware and software solutions have been implemented in hundreds of buses across the world. Through our agile platform, school districts are saving thousands of dollars a year on bus maintenance, inefficient routing, and idling vehicles. In many of these same school districts, parents are enjoying the benefits of tracking the school bus commute via our real-time UbicaBus app.

Our team leverages over 35 years of experience in software development, education administration, and entrepreneurship.

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