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(Recorded Webinar) Addressing COVID-19 Child Passenger Safety Challenges on School Buses

Proper training on the use of all types of child safety restraint systems in a school bus environment remains at the top of mind for most student transporters, and especially so before the start of a school year. But this year, the COVID-19 crisis has thrown new challenges at operations nationwide.

Join three school bus passenger safety experts, who answer questions about how to balance social distancing guidelines with the need to safely secure preschoolers and students with special needs.

Receive guidance on how to best clean child safety restraint systems (CSRS) without causing unintended damage that could comprise the equipment and/or cause harm to students with certain special needs.

Discuss the importance of transporters being involved in the Individualized Education Program meetings that are being held to prepare for school re-opening, in order to ensure that Individual Transportation Plans consider proper CSRS use, as they are modified to address COVID-19.

Download a PDF of the questions asked during the webinar and the answers provided by the three panelists.



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