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Recorded Webinar: Effectively Manage Recorded School Bus Stop Arm Video

Implementing a successful photo enforcement program to educate and dissuade motorists from passing a stopped school bus in your community can present a number of challenges. Safety Vision has developed a solution that can be scaled to support school systems based on state laws and demographics, as well as preserve the necessary chain of custody with local law enforcement agencies.

Our mission is to support our educational partners with solutions that can effectively enhance their safety efforts. Integrating cameras to monitor school buses at pick-up and drop-off locations to catch an illegal passing will require a collaborative effort and a series of steps to review this data. Safety Vision has expanded our offerings to increase safety measures and effortlessly package this data to needed parties for expediting any claim of violation.

In this webinar, hear from Frank Bowden, account executive with Safety Vision, and Director of Transportation Rodney Hardy from Surry County Schools in North Carolina.

Safety Vision will demonstrate how our systems collect the necessary data to support a claim that a motorist committed an illegal passing. Further, our Foresight Pro suite of software will showcase how this collected data can be viewed, saved and shared between agencies while corresponding to applicable laws, rules of evidence and chain of custody standards.

This webinar is brought to you by Safety Vision.

Frank Bowden has been with Safety Vision since April 2017 and came onboard with 10 years of industry experience. He first placed external cameras on school buses in 2010 and quickly received an education that there is more to photo enforcement than the technology.


Rodney Hardy, Director of Transportation, Surry County Schools, NC

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