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(STN Podcast E183) Making Progress: Wyoming Rising Star + Propane, Non-Yellow Bus Convos

School Transportation Nation podcast – Episode 183

We break down the FCC’s approval of school bus WiFi funding through the E-Rate program and an Ohio safety group’s discussion on lap-shoulder belts.

Director of Transportation and 2023 STN Rising Superstar Colby Stevens gives a peek into challenges and operations at Teton County School District #1 in a beautiful, cold, rural part of Wyoming.

Daniel Hernandez, chief operating officer for Adroit and senior vice president of operations at Beacon Mobility, talks meeting district and student needs with non-yellow bus transportation.

Steven Whaley, senior director of autogas business development for the Propane Education & Research Council, responds to a misleading Vox article and shares the progress of propane in the school bus industry.

This episode is brought to you by Transfinder.


Conversation with the Propane Education & Research Council.




Conversation with Adroit. 



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