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Three New York School Buses Stolen from Garage

The police is searching for a group of people who stole three school buses from a bus garage in the Bronx, New York, reported NBC New York.

According to the news report, the incident occurred at approximately 12:30 a.m. Tuesday. Three to four male suspects, the exact number has yet to be confirmed at this report, allegedly broke into the garage and drove off with the buses owned by Leesel Transportation.

Police stated they have no further information regarding the thefts, only surveillance video that shows the group driving off with the three buses, each of which had the keys inside.

According to the article, the keys are left inside the bus in case the regularly scheduled bus driver cannot show up the next day.

The camera and GPS activate automatically once the buses were turned on. The manager of the bus company, whose name was not revealed, stated that one of the buses had been recovered after being left in front of a school in Crotona Park, while the others were still in the hands of the suspects.

This incident reportedly occurred right after a school bus was stolen on Sunday from the same garage. It is unclear if the same group of individuals is behind both incidents.

No arrests have been made at this time and police continue to investigate this case.

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