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FMCSA Releases New App to Check Motor Carrier Safety Records

Last week, FMCSA made available free the new SaferBus app free of charge for iPhone and iPad users to allow for the look up of motor carrier safety records.

FMCSA said SaferBus was designed to protect consumers from illegal interstate bus companies that should not be in operation. Users can search for companies by name, DOT number and motor carrier number and look up the last 24 months of safety performance records anytime, day or night. The data includes unsafe driving, driver fatigue and fitness, any use of controlled substances or alcohol, and vehicle maintenance records.

The app, which can be downloaded via the Apple App Store, also provides a snapshot of FMCSA’s Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) website.

Those without an iPhone or iPad may access the same information on FMCSA’s website. FMCSA also provided FAQs, which are also accessible on the app, to assist the public on how to look up motor carriers.

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