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Oklahoma District Debuts Anti-Bullying Program, Training

Duncan Public Schools in southern Oklahoma have launched a new anti-bullying program that includes trains for school bus drivers and staff.

Duncan schools won a $3,000 grant from the 2016 United Against Bullying (UAB) Grant Program from Safe Fleet and Seon, using the money to provide bus drivers anti-bullying training.

The training, which is from the National Association for Pupil Transportation, is designed to equip school bus drivers with skills to recognize the early signs of bullying.

The NAPT program also trains drivers to properly respond to bullying behaviors aboard school buses, along with strategies to help drivers report incidents as it occurs.

The award grant money has helped Duncan schools purchase several new camera systems to help stop bullying on school buses, as well as create a T-shirt design to support a campaign against bullying.

Duncan Schools Director of Transportation LeeAnn Arredondo is currently working to improve driver and student relationships to strengthen communication.

“This is only my second year as transportation director,” she said. “I know that everything takes time, but one thing that I can speak up for is the children, and do my best to make sure that bullying does not happen on our buses.”

Further, students at Duncan Public Schools are encouraged to take the online Pledge to Stand Against Bullying. Students who take the pledge will receive a certificate and blue ribbon in recognition of their efforts.


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