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STN Seatbelt FAQS Address Concerns Voiced By Transportation Directors

School Transportation News updated its online seatbelt resource section to address questions and concerns received from readers on the lap/shoulder restraints.

National Child Passenger Safety Board member Charles Vits, who is also the market development manager for the SafeGuard brand of school bus seats and seatbelts, provided answers and guidance.

Three-point safety restraints in school buses continue to be a hot industry topic, despite an increasing number of many transportation directors nationwide sharing that they have become “seatbelt converts.” Still, many others have questions relating to the installation of the belts, usage by students, and how the restraint systems affect student evacuation in an emergency.

The updated seatbelt section, also found at the footer of the homepage under the headers “Resources,” covers such topics as injuries that could potentially be caused by seatbelts, lower seatbacks and capacity and liability concerns, among many other common questions from transportation directors and school bus drivers alike.

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An article in the May issue of School Transportation News focuses on the experiences of transportation directors who already have the lap/shoulder belts restraints installed. Some directors shared that the restraints have improved safety and behavior issues of students on the school bus.

Read the article on May 1 with the release of the digital edition of the magazine.

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