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Watch: Las Vegas District Addresses Media Following Bus Crash

Clark County School District officials met with media to share more information on the heroic school bus driver who assisted students with evacuating after a car T-boned the bus and flipped it over.

CCSD Chief Academic Officer Mark Barton was joined by CCSD Police Capt. Ken Young and Director of Transportation Shannon Evans as they thanked the first responders to the scene of the May 4 crash, during which the 70-year-old driver of the other car died and her 10-year-old granddaughter was critically injured. But the veteran school bus driver kept the bus rollover incident from being any worse than it already was, as she kept her composure and followed her extensive training in immediately summoning help for her students and ensuring all evacuated the bus.

Barton, Young and Evans also also thanked the students on the bus for their quick thinking and Good Samaritans on scene.

The crash was still being investigated at the time of the press conference, according to Capt. Young. Meanwhile, Evans discussed the professional background, certification, training and medical requirements of the district’s school bus drivers and all the district’s transportation employees as well as the safety of the district’s school buses. She also highlighted the district’s student transportation safety plan, evacuation drills, assigned seats. “We don’t wing this,” Evans said.

She also addressed current state legislation that if passed would require three-point, lap-shoulder seat belts in school buses.


Video courtesy of CCSD. Editing and titling provided by School Transportation News

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