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WATCH: Proven Advice for Safely Disinfecting Your School Buses

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In the pandemic-focused world in which we now live, there is a heightened emphasis on cleanliness and safety protocols to protect against COVID-19 transmission. Whether you are considering upping the frequency of cleanings, or switching disinfectant products, we have an expert on hand to help you decode the effectiveness of making a change from past disinfection practices.

Dr. Richard Cooper is in his 29th year as a professional in DNA vaccine development, DNA delivery, and protein expression as it relates to preventing viral and bacterial infections. He received his Ph.D. in Medical Microbiology, during which he began developing unique approaches to vaccines against bacterial pathogens and mechanisms to effectively kill bacteria and viruses. Dr. Cooper is now the Chief Science Officer at CleanSpray Technologies heading all research and analyzing implementation methods of their CleanTransit™ Automated Disinfectant System.

CleanSpray Technologies employs an all-natural, plant-based liquid disinfectant pumped through their proprietary fogging system that includes tiny nozzles installed in the cabin of the bus, each providing 180 degrees of coverage, and a control unit which stores conveniently under the back seat. See how it is operated. 

Dr. Cooper recently performed a bacterial culture (which you can watch above) to measure the effectiveness of the delivery system in reducing bacteria growth on the surface of transit vehicle and school bus seats.

During the video, you will listen to Dr. Cooper explain his test and control areas on the seat of the bus, observe how the spray system operates, and watch as he performs the sterile swab on each of the samples just two minutes after the system has completed its cycle.

According to Dr. Cooper, “the on-demand spray system and all-natural disinfectant synergize to provide a fast and effective way to reduce bacteria growth on high touch-points, as more than 95% less growth was seen the next day”.

In addition to effectively killing bacteria, Dr. Cooper says that, “the fact that the disinfectant is a naturally derived product makes it safer than many of the harsh chemicals that we have previously relied on to achieve the same bacteria reducing effect.”

Read Dr. Cooper’s research findings. 

Download this PDF to find more information on research findings, operating instructions and cost vs. benefit analysis of making this technological change.

Get the facts about the benefits of moving towards automated cleaning methods, from someone who has dedicated his life to technological innovation in reducing human exposure to harmful pathogens. Watch the informational video above, with CleanSpray Technologies’ Dr. Richard Cooper today.

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