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Bus Driver in Arkansas Helps Reading on her Route

Special education bus driver for Drew Central School District in Arkansas, Julie Callison, keeps a bucket of books in the front of her bus for kids to read on their routes, reported Tucson.com.

The Arkansas Department of Education posted on Facebook that Callison added a bucket of books on her route to help encourage students to read.

“The way this works is, when students get on the bus, they can get up to three books,” Callison said, according to the Facebook post. “After they read those, they can share with students around them, then put them back in the bucket on the way out the door. I have older students reading to younger students, and younger students reading to older students. On Friday afternoons we have a ‘Special Guest Reader,’ usually from the back of the bus (high school or middle school student). They pick out a book, sit on the front seat and read it over the speaker to the whole bus. They love this!”

The post also features a photo taken in the school bus mirror of her students holding their books up.

According to the post, the Facebook post went viral, and people commented on the photograph, hoping this is implemented at their children’s schools. Also commented was that Scholastic Book Fairs loved the story and hopes the idea catches on all over the country.

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