Christmas Gift to 10 Grandkids was Really Big: Yellow School Bus

Photo is courtesy of Amy Hayes.
Photo is courtesy of Amy Hayes.

Some kids receive a new bicycle, clothes, toys or movie tickets for Christmas. But for 10 grandkids in Oregon, their gift was slightly larger—a big yellow school bus, complete with a big red bow.

CNN reported on Dec. 25 that a few days earlier, a Gladstone, Oregon grandfather really got the Christmas spirit, when he purchased a small school bus so that he can transport his 10 grandchildren to classes each day.

The bus has emblazoned across the side, “Grandfather Express.” He told CNN, “When they saw it, they were just ecstatic.”

It took Doug Hayes about a month to locate the vehicle, after he had popped the answer to his wife’s question, what he would still like to accomplish in his life. Amy Hayes quickly concurred, and the rest is now history.

And this is one Christmas that won’t soon be forgotten, at least in Gladstone.