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Massachusetts Parents Upset About Cold Bus Rides Due to COVID-19 Regulations

Students in Kingston, Massachusetts, located north of Plymouth, had a chilly bus ride home on Friday, Oct. 30, as reported by WCVB 5. And their families realize the weather is only going to get colder as winter approaches.

The students were on their way home from Silver Lake Regional Middle School on Oct. 30, when they were exposed to the freezing elements and had difficulty finding a dry seat on the bus, resulting in them arriving home wet and cold.

State regulations put in place to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 state that school bus windows must be kept open to maintain air circulation unless there are extreme weather conditions.

Jennifer Rogers, a student’s mother, told WCVB 5 she was concerned that most of the windows were open in such cold weather. She called the transportation company but was reportedly told that there was nothing to be done about the situation, as the drivers were adhering to state guidelines.

“Even in cold or rainy weather, bus windows should be kept open at least partially (a couple of inches), if possible,” the state guidance notes.

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