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Round Up: Weapons On, Around School Buses

Over the past two weeks, several incidents were reported nationally regarding weapons on a school bus or at a school bus stop.

In North Carolina, a woman was observed with an assault rifle at her son’s school bus stop last week, reported Newsweek.

The article said the woman brought the weapon because she saw dangerous animals emerging from the nearby woods. The mother reportedly said she did not want to harm anyone.

Police are not charging the mother with any crime, according to Newsweek, since no one was injured and she did not make any threats. However, the local police recommended that no one bring a gun to a bus stop, it was noted.

According to North Carolina gun laws, the open carry of a gun is legal without a permit.

Also last week, a second-grade student was found carrying a knife while riding a school bus in Lee County, Florida, reported

Other students onboard reportedly notified the school bus driver, who in turn notified the school, which then dispatched the school’s resource officer. The school’s assistant principal took the knife when the school bus arrived.

The report also said there was no word yet on whether or not the student will be disciplined.

Then on Wednesday, a hatchet-wielding man was arrested after he tried to board a school bus that was filled with children onboard, reported

The man attempted to board a Sherman (Texas) ISD school bus, but the bus driver demanded that the man leave the bus immediately, and he complied.

The news report added that while the man did not threaten anyone, he did enter a school bus without consent. He was arrested for criminal trespass.

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