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Student Killed After Being Pinned Between Van and School Bus in N.Y.

A 7-year-old boy was killed after walking off the school bus in Queens, New York, reported ABC7.

Cameron Brown and his sister had just disembarked from the school bus on Wednesday afternoon and were crossing behind it. Brown was hit by a red van from God’s Pentecostal Church, the report said. The student was pinned between the van and the school bus.

The 22-year-old van driver thought he was braking, but reportedly stepped on the gas pedal instead.

New York state school bus rider rules—and the National School Transportation Specifications & Procedures manual—indicate that if a student must cross the street after exiting the school bus, they should do so by walking in front of the bus and not behind it.

The boy’s mother was waiting for him and fainted as a result of the trauma, the article reported.

Brown was rushed to the hospital in extremely critical condition. The police attempted to resuscitate him and bring him back to life.

The investigation remains ongoing.

Video Courtesy of CBS New York.

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