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WATCH: Deer Crashes Through Virginia School Bus Windshield, Lands on Student

A school bus in Richmond, Virginia was met with a startling surprise when a deer jumped through the bus windshield and landed on sleeping student, reported ABC 7.

The incident reportedly occurred around 6 a.m. last Thursday morning. The school bus was driving to Powhatan High School. WTVR CBS 6 posted the interior school bus camera footage.

The driver told Powhatan Today that he had narrowly missed one deer when a second one came and crashed through the windshield.

Brian Bartlett, the school system’s interim director of transportation told the newspaper, “The bus hit it and it rolled up the hood of the bus and through the windshield. The deer jumped up at about the time the bus hit it.”

The video shows the deer landing on a sleeping student and then running off the bus after the driver stopped the vehicle and opened the front door.

There were no reported injuries from the incident.

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