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Filling Alternative?

What to consider before switching to alternative fuels

Diesel doesn’t look like it’s about to climb down from its perch and you’re thinking of turning your fuel system “green.” Hybrids, biodiesel, propane and compressed natural gas all have their benefits, but aside from purchasing new vehicles, what’s it going to take to replace your existing diesel fleet?

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The Great Divide on Going Green

Some things take time. Whether it be the acceptance of the newest technological widget that promises to make your life easier or a new way to fuel your fleet, opinions can be hard to sway. 

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Calif. Enacts Tough Emissions Requirements, Announces Grants

After enacting some of the nation’s toughest diesel emissions standards, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) has announced $5.5 million in first-round grants for the Lower-Emissions School Bus Program and $1.4 million to replace remaining pre-1977 buses.

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