NAPT Offers “Missing Piece” of Hiring School Bus Drivers

The National Association for Pupil Transportation announced that it is working with an Atlanta-based consulting firm to create a customized tool that allows student transportation leaders to assess school bus driver judgement and decision-making ability.

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Ala. District Addresses School Bus Driver Shortage

Being the first can be a scary proposition. While both exciting and perhaps an honor to pioneer a manufacturer’s technology, such as propane school buses, there are certainly challenges to overcome. 

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EXPO Session Discusses Employee Drug Use

RENO, Nev. — A Saturday session at the STN EXPO covered reasonable suspicion drug testing. Presenter Tonica Lathrop, president of Sinnett Consulting Services, reiterated that drug testing should only be done based on evidence, never on hunches or “gut feelings.”

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Small and Smart Strategies for Attracting, Retaining Valued Drivers

Feeling the pinch of an epic school bus driver shortage? The evidence takes form in cancelled routes, bus delays, service disruptions and angst among all those depending on rides. Consider what three federal agencies recently concluded in an alarming joint report, entitled, 'Strengthening Skills: Training and Career Pathways Across the Transportation Industry.' More than 330,000 school bus driver openings are forecasted over the next seven years. That’s well above the need for mass transit, taxis and limousines. 

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Roundup: Illegal Passing Claims Another Victim, A Dog Shot at a Bus Stop and More

A 16-year-old Florida student has died from injuries sustained from being hit by a car while walking to his waiting school bus. The Florida Highway Patrol reported Cameron Mayhew was crossing a southbound lane to get to his bus when motorists Zackery Treinen ignored the bus’ deployed stop arm, slamming his 2013 Chrysler into the student. According to the FHP, the 23-year-old driver was cited for failing to stop for a school bus. Mayhew’s parents said that the high school sophomore was an organ donor and his organs would be used, if possible.

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